Studio - n-others

We are a design studio based in Buenos Aires, fueled with a flexible mindset, a strong sense of aesthetics and business awareness.

At n-others, we take pride in being an ideal design partner for startups, offering cost-effective solutions with top-tier quality.

Backed by an extensive experience, our tailored design services and solid portfolio ensure unparalleled results within your budget, understanding your unique challenges.

We aim to be transparent, and simple in every way, trusting people and believing in the process as the right catalyst.

Our Philosophy

We listen, analyze, think, create, collaborate, and evolve with our partners, providing true co-innovation in every project.

  1. Listen Right after our first contact, we listen and ask everything that we need to know before getting our hands to work.
  2. Analyze To design an effective strategy we start multilayered research spanning from the competitive landscape to material and technology exploration.
  3. Think We initiate a deep process to discover how to add real value while solving the problem, with purpose and positive impact on the user’s life.
  4. Create Our favorite thing is to apply a fresh thinking, genuine creativity and variable techniques to shape a solution with real impact.
  5. Collaborate We involve the clients and their know-how in our design process to bring real co-innovation in the proposed solutions.
  6. Evolve Lasting relationships are built on trust, transparency, and professionalism. We aim to evolve and improve with our partners to shape a better future.

Who we Are

Our work culture thrives on a close collaboration between our core team, the client, and the support of an external network of trusted partners.

Embracing diversity in the creative process—with a blend of skills, personalities, and experiences—fuels genuine innovation across every field we engage.

Alejandro Sarra / Creative Direction
Manuel Frontini / Design + CGI
Ignacio Loncon / Design + PD
Nicolas Tagliabue / Design + PD
Brenda Pitkowski / Design + UX UI
Julian Duarte Argerich / Design + UX UI

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